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DC Project & Giving Tuesday 2019

Posted on December 03 2019

DC Project


Anna Taylor

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

"Yesterday more than 200 Moms Demand Action protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court, rallying because they are hearing a gun case.  I know there are several great gun groups out there and each of them are fighting this battle in their own way but in this day of hyperfeminism, I believe it's important to fight fire with fire. We need to counter the Moms Demand Action and the DC Project could be it. But they have a 36 Million Dollar budget, so you can see where we're getting out spent and out played and it's taking a toll on the hearts and minds of the average person." 

Dianna Muller,  Founder DC Project

Doing Something

What Is DC Project?

The D.C. Project is 50 women, one from every state, meeting their legislators in Washington, D.C. as firearm owners and 2nd Amendment supporters. The 2nd Amendment should not be a partisan issue and our goal is to take every member of congress to the range and educate them on firearms safety, all the while giving them the opportunity to get to know us as good, upstanding, responsible citizens. Education is the key!

We invite you to be a part of helping save the 2nd Amendment by educating legislators. Please consider donating! 

The project incurs expenses associated with the range, evening meetings/dinners, and admin support, such as printing and name tags and PA rental for the rally. The women that participate have been volunteering their time and their money for the past three years. 

The money raised will go directly to the project, covering admin costs first and then meetings/dinners second, and hotel and other travel related expenses for each of the women. The hope is to cover the expenses of the project as well as the expenses for the participants. The funds will used for the project’s needs. 


Learn More

Donate Here for a non-tax deductible contribution to help further the DC project reach.

Learn More

Donate Here for a TAX- DEDUCTIBLE contribution to help educate state legislators the truth about firearms.


Dc Project

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