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Concealed Carry Phantom Leggings

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The Dene Adams® Concealed Carry Phantom Leggings are everything you could want when it comes to trusting your EDC to a leggings holster. Choose from six holstering options based on your favorite carry positions. You can holster appendix, four-o-clock or cross draw. You can secure additional magazines, a knife, pepper spray or any defensive item of your choice.

Every pair comes with a removable Universal Trigger Guard Insert which fastens into your desired placement and position. Or you can upgrade to a Custom molded full shell Kydex® inserts made exclusively for Dene Adams® by Minuteman Defense™ are also available for a fast and secure one-handed draw and re-holster.

If you like our classic corset holster you will love these leggings! The appendix carry position holsters your gun securely with all the access, safety and concealment features you can count on from Dene Adams®. Both front holster compartments have a fast breakaway retention tab to secure your firearm without elastic or snaps which can slow down your draw.  You may choose to holster your gun in one of two low back holsters or carry up to four guns at once.

Have a favorite custom IWB holster but don’t want to wear a belt? No problem! Across the back, your leggings have a sturdy yet pliable belt-like material so you can clip your holster to your leggings.

Two additional accessory pockets are placed toward the front of each thigh similar to a trouser pocket. This placement gives the leggings less of an athletic look and is large enough for a large phone small tablet. The Dene Adams® Concealed Carry Phantom Leggings are perfect for deep concealment for any wardrobe or occasion from working out to business dress.

Womens Concealed Carry Leggings with Gun Holster

Fit: Are made with high-end shapewear fabric which pulls you in and lifts your booty. These leggings are “squat test” approved!

Sag-proof Support: Our secure design integrates a supportive suspension system which supports the weight of your fully loaded gun and additional magazines and will not bounce or shift with rigorous movement. A strong zipper allows for easy on and off when getting dressed or using the restroom.

  • Six Holstering Positions
  • Ambidextrous
  • Comes with a Universal Trigger Guard Insert
  • Front holster compartments have fast breakaway retention tabs
  • No bouncing, shifting or sagging with weight or movement
  • Holsters any personal protection device, ie. taser, pepper blaster, knife, stun gun 

Smooth solid black. Inseam 29".
Logo placement can vary between lots. 

Machine wash (delicate) and line dry. Please be sure to not wash with the Universal Trigger Insert. 

Made in the U.S.A.


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