Phantom 4.7

$ 99.99

The Dene Adams® Phantom 4.7 is everything men have been asking for in an extended wear/deep concealment holster!

This holster wraps around the hips securing four and seven o'clock holstering positions as well as storage for an extra magazine or knife. A beltless feature allows you to clip on your favorite IWB for time that you aren’t wearing a sturdy belt. The holster compartments secure your gun in comfortable spots that keep a gun's muzzle clear of vital organs. Wicking compression fabric aids in deep concealment and comfort.

The Phantom 4.7 also has a supportive contoured strap that goes under the belly for men with a protruding stomach.

For men with a flat belly we recommend the Phantom 360. 

Closure: Velcro

Stretch: This holster will stretch comfortably 2 inches. 

Steel Lycra with black industrial grade velcro.  Hand wash and line dry for optimal care. 

Ship Time: Usually ships within 2 business days. Can take up to 4-6 weeks.

Made in the U.S.A.

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