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Online Concealed Carry Lifestyle Course

Are you ready to become your own first responder and learn how to safely and confidently practice the concealed carry lifestyle? If so, Dene Adams' Online Concealed Carry Lifestyle Course is for you! Taught by our founder and CEO, Anna Taylor, this 16-module course provides an in-depth exploration of all aspects of concealed carry, with a focus on women. It's designed to help build knowledge and confidence when carrying a firearm, so you can take control of your personal safety and security. Learn more about the specifics of this concealed carry course and get in touch with our team to sign up today!

Course Overview

The Online Concealed Carry Lifestyle Course from Dene Adams is a comprehensive course for beginners, but it can also be ideal for advanced shooters who are looking to brush up on the basics. It is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills they need to safely and confidently carry a concealed weapon and become their own first responder. The Online Concealed Carry Lifestyle Course covers many topics, including:

  • Purchasing Firearms: Learn how to choose the right firearm, from caliber and barrel length to material and style.
  • Gun Safety & Handling: Understand safety protocols when handling firearms and storing them in your home or vehicle.
  • Shooting Drills: We will pack a range bag together and provide you with a range of shooting tactics that you can use.
  • Concealed Carry Laws: We will direct you on where you can find the most up to date laws and information in your state.
  • Shooting Fundamentals: Get tips for proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control.
  • Self-Defense Tactics: Learn how to properly engage a target and strategies for using deadly force when necessary.
  • Gun Etiquette: Gain knowledge of proper etiquette when carrying a concealed weapon in public. 
  • Sooooo much more…

Fashion and Wardrobe

Did you know that choosing the right concealed carry wardrobe is just as important as mastering shooting techniques? Our online course covers fashion and wardrobe tips to help you make wise choices when dressing for concealed carry. In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to balance concealment and access with fashion and comfort. At Dene Adams, we offer a wide selection of concealed-carry clothing, holsters, gear, and more. We will help you determine the right style and fit for concealed carry that fits your lifestyle, so you can confidently practice concealed carry. Browse our wide range of concealed carry clothing today!

Course Structure

The Online Concealed Carry Course from Dene Adams includes a wide range of teaching materials and resources. Through story-telling and examples, drills, worksheets, journaling, and more, you'll learn and practice the fundamentals of concealed carry. 

Classes begin on April 6, 2023 at 6:00PM Central Time. The first class of the course will be taught LIVE by Anna Taylor. Each week you’ll receive access to the next Module to complete at your own pace. Seats are limited, enrollment for the April 6th class will close on February 15, 2023. Your course kit will ship 2 weeks prior to your class start date. (You do not need to own a gun in order to take this course.) Included in your course kit:

  • Either one corset or one pair of leggings
  • One inside waistband holster 
  • Shooting journal
  • Targets
  • Self-defense keychain

You'll be required to select your size and color for the leggings or corset and a custom IWB holster.

Why Dene Adams?

At Dene Adams, we understand the importance of personal safety and security. We are passionate about helping women learn how to safely and confidently practice concealed carry, so they can take control of their own protection. Our online course is comprehensive and carefully designed for women who want to master the fundamentals of concealed carry in a safe and effective manner. With our team's extensive experience in firearms training, you can trust that you are getting the best concealed carry education possible.

Don't wait to take control of your personal safety and security. Enroll in the Online Concealed Carry Lifestyle Course from Dene Adams today and learn how to safely, confidently, and responsibly carry a concealed firearm and become your own first responder. Purchase your course today!  Get in touch with our team if you have any questions or need more information. We look forward to helping equip you with the training and tools necessary to become your own confident first responder.


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