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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Dene Adams® corset holster work? 

Similar to a traditional waist cinching corset, the center is tapered a bit which creates an hourglass shape from the center of your waist. Maximum concealment is achieved when the corset is fit snug to your body. Compression from the garment sucks the gun in while the holster itself is specially lined to smooth the rigid edges of your gun.

How to properly holster and draw your firearm: 
When inserting or removing the firearms from the holster, keep your finger clear of the trigger until your firearm is on target and ready to fire.

To Holster:

  1. Uncover the garment from the holster to reinsert the firearm in the holster.
  2. Have your support hand push or lift the garment to expose the opening of the holster.
  3. Confirm that your firearm is securely seated in the holster before removing your hand from the grip. Failure to do this may result in accidental dropping of the firearm or an accidental discharge.
  4. Use the retention tab to secure the firearm into the holster. This will keep the firearm from falling out during activity. 

To Draw:

  1. With your support hand, reach across the body and lift the garment over the holster as high as possible.
  2. Draw the firearm straight up clearing the holster, then drive the muzzle of the firearm in a straight line to the target.

    2. How do I choose the right corset holster size for me? 

    The corset should feel snug rather than too big. To find your natural waist, measure at the smallest part of your waist. All corset holsters run true to size.  
    Please follow our size charts on the product you are looking to purchase.  If you need help choosing the right sizes, please email for expert advice.

    3. Is the corset holster comfortable to wear in warm and/or humid climates?

    If the weather is comfortable in jeans you will be comfortable wearing your corset. If you sweat in your jeans, you will sweat in your corset. 

    4. Will the corset holster fabric dye transfer?

    On some dark colored corsets, the lace dye can transfer if worn before it has been. 

    5. What if my waist measurement is smaller than hip measurement and based on the size chart I am two sizes?

    You can get the smaller corset and add a size extender. Cinch the top on the tightest hook and eye row and the bottom on the looser hook and eye row. 

    6. How do I know if my gun (with or without a trigger guard) will fit in the corset holster?

    • Micro will fit in ALL corset holsters. (Example: G42, S&W Bodyguard, Ruger LCP, most snub nosed revolvers, Sig P238) 
    • Sub-Compact will fit in all corsets except Petite Corset Holsters. (Example: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, Glock26, Springfield XDS)
    • Compact will fit in all corsets except Petite Corset Holsters. (Example: Glock 19, Sig p320/250) 

    7. How do I use the Universal Trigger Guard in my corset holster?

    See the Universal Trigger Guard instructions and tutorial video here.  Remember to remove the Universal Trigger Guard Insert before washing your corset holster. 

    Disclaimer: The Universal Trigger Guard Insert cannot be replaced, exchanged, or refunded once the industrial strength loop has been added. 

    8. Do I need to be skinny to use the thigh holsters?

    Absolutely not. Part of what makes all of Dene Adams® compression holsters unique is that the design utilizes your body’s natural womanly shape to conceal your gun. Compression from the fabric sucks your gun in snug to the soft spots of your body, which helps to minimize bulk from your firearm.

    9. Do I need to have a thigh gap to use this holster?

    Again, absolutely not. The thigh holster shorts and leggings safely and firmly holsters your gun snug to your thigh. What makes an inner thigh holster uncomfortable is when you have a protruding grip jabbing the opposite thigh.

    10. How do you draw and holster from the thigh holsters?

    1. With your right hand lift your cover garment (skirt, dress or long shirt completely out of the way).
    2. Simultaneously move your right hand to the holster while being vigilant to keep your index finger on the outside of the holster.
    3. Place your remaining three (3) fingers and your thumb completely into the holster for a solid grip on your gun.
    4. Draw your gun straight up out of the holster being mindful not to point your muzzle at your leg or foot.
    5. Bring your hands together to a full grip as you place your sights on target.
    6. To holster: use your left hand to open the holster then firmly seat your gun into the compartment. Be mindful not to let your muzzle pass over your hand, let or foot.

    11. Do the thigh holster shorts roll?

    The shorts are designed to stay in place without rolling or riding. The secret is in the pattern so no silicone grip is necessary.  The only way these shorts will ride or roll is if they are at least two (2) sizes too small.

    12. What guns will fit in the thigh holsters?

    While some larger framed guns will fit the holster compartment, these shorts and leggings are designed for micro guns with standard capacity single stack magazines.

    13. What do you wear the thigh holsters with?

    Unless you plan to open carry, these are intended to be undergarments. The shorts and leggings should be worn under a skirt or dress. The shorts can be easily slipped over top of panty hose or tights if you prefer.

    14. Are the thigh holsters for right handed only?

    These concealment thigh holster shorts and leggings are intended for the right handed shooter. In order to safely draw from the holster, your index finger must remain on the outside of the holster at all times.

    15. Will you ever offer the thigh holsters for left handed?

    Based on level of demand, we may offer an option for left handed shooters in the future. Please email to put in your request.

    16. Can you exercise in the thigh holsters?

    The holster itself is safe and comfortable to do most exercising in. However, unless you are working out in your home or intend to open carry at your gym we do not recommend them to be used for exercise since they are intended to be worn under a cover garment such as a skirt or dress.

    17. How do you measure for thigh holster sizing?

    You can find a size chart under each of the products. Simply measure about an inch above your hip bone, then refer to the size chart. Each sizes jumps two (2) inches so if you measure at 35” but the chart says 34” for small and 36” for medium, you would be a small.

    18. How long should my cover garment be for the thigh holsters?

    Your cover garment should be long enough to completely cover the holster. Depending on your height, this could be anywhere for 2” above your knees to 4”.

    19.How comfortable are the thigh holsters while sitting with my legs crossed?

    The gun itself between your thighs is not uncomfortable.
    • If your skirt is an average length and the holster sits right where it is intended to, your grip should remain about 1-2” below your pubic bone causing no discomfort.
    • If you choose to wear a very short skirt and hike the shorts up higher then you are more limited on where that gun can go.
    • If you hike the holster up a bit then sit down, you have closed the intended gap between the gun grip and your girly bone and this will cause discomfort. This is where you compromise either your skirt length or whether you want to comfortably carry a gun.

    20. How do I clean my holsters?

    Best care: Hand wash and line dry.
    Corset and thigh holsters may be machine washed on delicate cycle and then line dry.

    21. Do you offer any products like the conceal and carry holsters for men?

    Men's options will be available to order in the future. We have had men purchase the Black Zipper Edition corset.


    22. Can I use a coupon code on a sale item?

    Coupon codes are not valid with sale or clearance items. Coupon codes are only valid on regular priced items and cannot be combined with any other offer. 

    23. Do you offer a military or LE discount? 

    We have a military, law enforcement, firefighter, and EMT discount that is available all the time on any order you make, excluding gift cards and clearance items. The code only works on regular priced items and can be applied at checkout. The code cannot be combined with other discount codes, promos, or sales. If you use more than one (1) promo code, your order could be cancelled. To receive the code Facebook message us or email at 

    24. Will you honor a sale price on a recently purchased item? 

    If Dene Adams® has a sale or a promotion, we will honor the sale price or promotional offer if the customer had placed their original order within 24 hours before the sale or promotion.
    The customer must email to receive this refund. 

    25. What happens if my order gets lost in the mail?

    In the event that your USPS tracking number for your order shows IN TRANSIT after 10 days, please contact our customer service department. The customer service department would then file a claim with the USPS and ship you a replacement. 

    We cannot be held responsible for packages once proof of delivery is generated. 
    In the event that you send a return to us and it never arrives to our location, the responsibility to file a claim is on the customer. We are only held responsible for packages when proof of delivery is shown to us. Proof of delivery is receipt of date, shipped address, and tracking number. 

    In the event that you entered the wrong shipping address on your order, Dene Adams® is not liable for the replacement. We will do our best to help the situation out, but again the liability falls on the customer. 

    26. Why was my card charged when my order has not shipped? 

    Our website host does not allow the option of charging once the order has shipped, so charges occur when order is placed. Our products are handcrafted with care in America and at times orders can take up to 6 weeks to deliver. We work hard to get out orders faster than that, but appreciate your patience with us for the times it does take longer.


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