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Corset Holsters

What is the difference between light compression and medium compression?

How does the Dene Adams® corset holster work?

How do I choose the right corset holster size for me?

Will the corset holster fabric dye transfer?

Is the corset holster comfortable to wear in warm and/or humid climates?

What if my waist measurement is smaller than hip measurement and based on the size chart I am two sizes?

How do I know if my gun (with or without a custom trigger guard insert) will fit in the corset holster?

What's the difference between the Petite and the Classic corset holster?

How do I use the Universal Trigger Guard Insert in my corset holster?

How to holster and draw from the corset holsters?

The retention tab on my holster is too long?

Thigh Holsters

Do I need to be skinny to use the thigh holsters?

Do I need to have a thigh gap to use the thigh holster?

Do the thigh holster shorts roll?

What guns will fit in the thigh holsters?

What do you wear the thigh holsters with?

Can you exercise in the thigh holsters?

How do you measure for thigh holster sizing?

How long should my cover garment be for the thigh holsters?

How comfortable are the thigh holsters while sitting with my legs crossed?

How to holster and draw from the thigh holsters?

Active Bra Holsters

How much support will the Active Bra holster provide?

What size gun can I carry?

Why are the bra cups rounded instead of just lined like most athletic bras?

Why is there a small slit on the inside of the bra cup?

How do I find the right size?

How true is the sizing?

Can I run in my bra?

Concealed Carry Tactical Leggings

How should the Concealed Carry Tactical Leggings fit?

Holster Care

How do I clean my holsters?

Men's Holsters

Do you offer any products like the conceal and carry holsters for men?

Discounts, Sales and Promotions


Do you offer a military or LE discount?

Do you offer a students and teachers discount?

Sales and Promotions

Can I use a coupon code on a sale item?

Will you honor a sale price on a recently purchased item?

What if I forgot to add the promotional item to the cart? Will you apply it anyway if I email you my order number?

Will you apply a current discount code if I forgot to add it to my order?



Why was my card charged when my order has not shipped?

What happens if the final sale item I bought does not fit?

How can I get my item that is in stock to ship faster than the backorder item?

How is my order shipped?

What if I entered the wrong address?

How do I cancel my order?

How do I change my order if I did the wrong style/size?

Lost Order

What happens if my order gets lost in the mail?



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