LITE Concealed Carry Corset - Natural

$ 119.99

NOTICE: Some popular sizes can take 4-6 weeks to ship! 

SIZE NOTE: The Lite Corset Holsters have more stretch and run a bit large. If you are unsure, size down. 

The NEW Dene Adams LITE Corset:

  • Has a FULL mesh back "It's very BREEZY",
  • Twice the accessory storage in front as well as
  • Improved fit and concealment.
  • Trigger Guard Options HERE

Our concealed carry corset holster offers the same benefits as actual shapewear. This concealed carry corset holster fits your shape for better concealment. 
Fits comfortably under practically any garment for everyday use. 

Concealed carry holsters don’t need to be bulky, heavy, or fit awkwardly. Our concealed carry corset is designed to mold to your figure and better conceal your firearm or personal protection device. The soft holstering compartment features a fast breakaway tab to keep your gun securely in place without slowing down draw time. Basically, we’ve designed our corset holster to make it a dream for everyday concealed carry use because it’s comfortable, offers better concealment, and can be worn with practically anything. Use the size guide below to find your fit today!


  • NEW Lightweight mesh backside
  • Twice the accessory storage in front
  • Improved fit and concealment
  • Actual shapewear garment
  • Fast breakaway retention tab holsters your gun or personal protection device securely in place
  • Holsters any personal protection device, ie. taser, pepper blaster, knife, stun gun or a gun
  • Fast and smooth draw time
  • Great for all seasons, all day/night wear
  • First soft holster with trigger protection
  • Dene Adams® Horse is printed on the front in a light silver
  • Gun Fit: Compact to Micro (Up to 7.4 inches)

Closure: Two rows of hook and eye

Extenders: Classics Corset Size Extenders

Made in the USA.


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