Sig Sauer® Experience Center Customer Assistance: Dene Adams® Holsters

Thank You For Your Interest in Dene Adams® Exclusive Line of Concealed Carry Holsters

Dene Adams® is now available for purchase from the Sig Sauer® Experience Center.


Here is some helpful information to assist you with your purchase. 


Our Brand & Legacy

Dene Adams® was founded on the legacy and principles of Anna's grandfather. Dene Adams was a man of strong American tradition, Christian values and was an advocate for common sense.  Grandpa Dene believed that "There is no such thing as a gun accident.  Guns should be respected and not feared & when treated with respect, guns can be an integral part of our daily life." 

It was this passion in Dene Adams that led to the creation of the compression concealed carry holster for women and men. The innovation and design efforts of our compression holster's allow one to carry without a change in wardrobe. 

Founder & CEO

Anna Taylor is founder and CEO of Dene Adams®, LLC. Her innovative concealed carry holsters are primarily distributed to law enforcement and private citizens. Anna is an internationally recognized public figure known by her educational and comical viral videos which can be viewed through YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Anna is an NRA Certified Instructor in pistol, rifle and personal protection in the home, an NRA Refuse To Be a Victim instructor and Range Safety Officer.  She is also a wife, mother and God-fearing woman, she is strong on family values and American freedom.



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