Group Training with Anna Taylor

Conceal to Prevail Women’s Retreat Level 1 Class (CTP Level 1)

Instructor: Anna Taylor

In the event of an attack it is not enough to merely survive, we must be prepared to prevail.


In this comprehensive concealment holster class you will learn from concealment expert, Anna Taylor, on how to effectively and safely conceal and access your firearm. This class will cover the basics of an effective draw stroke and how to safely re-holster. Next, you will learn how to apply these fundamentals to your EDC (every day carry) setup. You will learn what to look for in a dependable and safe concealment holster. There are many things to consider when dressing and accessorizing around your gun. (No, you do not need to change your wardrobe or lifestyle.) Anna will discuss common accessorizing mistakes that can get you caught up in your draw, “literally”.

Study’s have shown that your best chance at prevailing in an attack using a firearm is to be able to deploy and shoot a target within ten feet in two seconds or less.  Preforming reloads from concealment will be covered as well. We have all heard the saying, “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” Anna will teach us skills that can be practiced at home or on the range and will increase your draw speed and defensive accuracy.

Learn how to use the Dene Adams product line to conceal and carry safely and effectively for almost any occasion, lifestyle or wardrobe.

The CTP Level 1 class is an 8 hour class comprised of 4 hours of classroom and dry-fire and 4 hours of live fire practice and skill building.


    • A Dene Adams Corset holster is suggested\
    • Your preferred carry gun and one 3 magazines (2) minimum.
    • Pants, closed toe shoes, eye and ear protection, no low cut shirts.
    • All firearms must be unloaded with a chamber flag and stored properly in a range bag before entering range area.


      • Weekend 1: June 21-23
      • Weekend 2: June 28-30
      • Weekend 3: July 19-21
      • Weekend 4: July 26-28
      • Weekend 5: August 2-4
      • Weekend 6: August 23-25

        Groups can arrive to site on Friday at 5:00 pm.
        Group will depart the site on Sunday at 11:00 am.
        A schedule will be emailed once your group has registered and paid. 


        Women will be staying at the Dene Adams's Ranch in Kansas. 


        $1050 per person*
             *Your group leader will fill out the initial registration and then send links to pay to each person in your group. 

        Individual Training Price Includes: 

          • Accommodations for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday)
          • Meals, snacks & beverages
          • A loaner Dene Adams holster (If you don't have one.)
          • 250 rounds of 9mm or .22LR 
          • Free CTP T-Shirt
          • Dene Adams Store Credit (to use during the weekend):

         $10 when you spend $10
         $15 when you spend $20
         $25 when you spend $300


          Guests are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Dene Adams Ranch. If flying, guests can fly into MCI Airport. A Dene Adams discount is available through Hertz Rental car upon request.

          Directions to the ranch will be provided the week of the training.

          HOW DO I SIGN UP

          If you are interested in taking this training, gather a group of 8-10 women, pick a weekend, and have the group contact leader fill out the form below. This form reserves the weekend your group picked. Weekends are not fully guaranteed until the entire group has submitted forms and payment. 


          Once you have submitted the form to reserve your date, each participant in your group must submit one of the following legal requirements (see below). 

          When all participants have submitted your legal requirements a link will be sent to each of you that you can click on to complete your registration. 

          When all participants have paid you will be emailed a confirmation of your weekend with a schedule, a waiver to be filled out by each woman, and any other necessary details. 


          All students must be a US citizen and must provide ONE of the following before registering for the class. 

            • A legible copy of a current, valid license to carry - permits must be no more than 5 years old from issue date OR
            • A legible copy of your current, valid law enforcement or active duty military credentials OR
            • A legible copy of a current, valid firearms identification card (FID) - FID must be no more than 5 years old from the issue date OR
            • A Criminal Record Release Authorization Form (BACKGROUND CHECK) *Please create a profile before purchasing and completing a background check* .Background checks are at the expense of the class applicant. Checks will be processed at the price of $29.99.




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