4 Benefits of Concealed Carry

Posted on November 16 2021

There is a lot of controversy over concealed carry gun laws, but there are benefits to carrying a concealed firearm. Dene Adams knows this, and we provide the best products to ensure your concealed carry is safe and easy. Read along in today’s blog to see what some of the benefits are for concealed carry.

Businessman with concealed carry.

May Deter Crime 

There are many reports where a concealed carry holder stopped an instance of violent crime. Reports across the country indicate that citizens are safer when someone holding a concealed carry weapon is near. While many agencies refute these claims, the data shows a decrease in violent crime after concealed carry laws changed in states that previously didn’t have concealed carry laws.

Confident woman alone on a sidewalk.

Makes the Carrier Feel Safer

Polls taken by concealed carry weapon holders overwhelmingly prove that carriers feel safer and more secure when they have a concealed weapon. Concealed carriers know that they can protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming victims of violent crime. Women who wear a concealed carry holster feel more confident in going out alone than those who do not.

Man driving with his focus on the road.

More Law-Abiding

Concealed carry permit holders tend to be more law-abiding than anyone else. Knowing that having a concealed weapon may cause a problem with law enforcement, those who carry a concealed weapon follow traffic laws much more closely than those who do not. The risk of a misunderstanding with peace officers is great, so it is only logical that a concealed carry holder will go to all lengths to avoid being questioned by police.

Woman running through the park.

Makes You More Aware

How often do you notice something strange in your vicinity? Have you noticed someone wearing a large trench coat in sweltering heat? These are the kinds of situations that concealed carry gun holders notice. Being more aware of your surroundings keeps you and those around you safe. You are in a position to be ready for any situation that may arise.

These are just a few of the benefits that come from carrying a concealed weapon. We at Dene Adams want to make carrying your weapon easier and more comfortable when away from home. Our concealed carry holsters provide more options than other holster manufacturers while still being stylish and attractive. Contact us today to see how our products might work for you.




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