Why Shop Dene Adams?

Posted on October 26 2021

Why Shop Dene Adams?

Making Concealed Carry More Fashionable Than Ever

Shop Women's Concealed Carry Holsters

 woman wearing concealed carry corset

A part of being a gun owner is being responsible. Concepts such as concealed carry are around to keep gun owners and the general public safe. However, gun holsters are usually not comfortable or fashionable in any way.

Dene Adams changes the way you approach gun safety. According to the namesake, gun responsibility was the way to go. It was only by respecting guns you could make them a part of your lives.
The founder then created concealed carry holsters that would seamlessly integrate into daily life. No wardrobe changes or fashion mistakes to be a responsible gun owner.

woman wearing concealed carry corset

Quality Products

When it comes to holsters for women, quality is by far the most important factor. Dene Adams focuses on providing extremely high-quality gun holsters and concealed carry clothing for women. Quality products ensure that the gun is always safely secured in the holster, comfortable against the skin, and long-lasting.

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American Values

The company’s namesake (the founder’s grandfather) was a man of American values. He believed in freedom and the constitutional right to carry a gun. However, he also believed that a part of American values was being respectful of guns. Dene Adams creates concealed carry clothing to promote respect and responsibility for guns. After all, it’s the American way!

women wearing concealed carry clothing

Wide Variety of Products

In line with the company’s American values, Dene Adams gives its customers the freedom of choice. From thigh holsters to bra holsters, a concealed carry holster no longer has one design. The company offers several different designs, styles, orientations, and colors of gun holsters.

Apart from concealed carry holsters for women, the company has holsters for men. There is also a host of other gun safety-related gear. Accessories such as trigger guards, IWB holsters, and even water bottles and t-shirts are available on the website. Whatever you need related to gun safety and living your best life - Dene Adams stocks.

woman wearing comfortable concealed carry corset
Comfortable Concealed Carry

Every single concealed carry holster produced by Dene Adams is inexplicably comfortable. Unlike traditional holsters that are bulky and get in the way, Dene Adams produces concealed carry clothing for a more comfortable time with your gun.

Holsters for women were never made comfortable, but Dene Adams continues to change that with every launch. The company has also made sure to consider a person's dominant hand when creating certain holsters. So, those with a left-hand grip aren't left behind.

Shop Women’s Concealed Carry Holsters

When it comes to gun ownership, there’s nothing more important than responsibility. Dene Adams makes responsibility chic, fashionable, and appealing with the concealed carry holsters for women. They also have concealed carry clothing for women. So, not only is responsibility chic and appealing, but convenient too!



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