The Women Empowerment Movement is BOGUS

Posted on May 10 2019

You are a strong and powerful woman.

 Could women’s suffrage really have only been as little as ninety-nine years ago? We, as women, have come a really long way since the passing of the 19th amendment. Some would argue that this was the pivotal move toward empowering women in the United States but, was it? Do not get me wrong since 1920 American women have made great progress in this country and all over the world. Except this is not what gave us power. The term is abused and used for political gain. In fact, many new beliefs in the name of “empowering women” and “feminism” insults the very essence of true empowerment and feminism. True empowerment and feminism will nurture and build up; it does not emasculate and take life.

     Dating back to Adam and Eve, where Eve clearly had the power to steer the boat, women have always been the most influential person in the home. Mothers shape their children, structure the home, and send the next generation on a path based on her beliefs. So why is “women empowerment” being hailed as such a noble new cause? It is simply propaganda and good marketing for a partisan agenda.

     As women, we are already powerful! It is the partisan agendas that actually take our power away. When they tell us that “listening to your gut” might be profiling or when they teach us that we should take anyone into our space without vetting them; they cause us to doubt our own judgment in the name of “not hurting someone’s feelings.” This same agenda calls for permissive behavior in our children, both at home and in school. Parents who defend their ill-mannered child’s behavior raise their children to have a lack of respect for them, life, or teachers.  These children then grow to have no respect for law enforcement or for the personal space and dignity of others.

     There is a distinct difference between profiling and using wisdom. Every time you practice trusting your instincts you will gain confidence and your instincts will grow stronger. When you educate yourself about personal safety, maintain consciousness, and take care of your surroundings you are practicing power. When you live with an attitude that your body is your own and your space is yours and no one else has the right to enter your space without your expressed permission, you will begin to experience the feeling of empowerment. This empowerment is being a strong and powerful woman. God gave that to you and no one can take it away. Empowerment does not come from entitlement. Just as a leader cannot demand respect, they must earn it. Respect can only be learned and power is something you already have; no matter the size of the platform you have.

     I encourage you to shed away all the beliefs that you cannot handle your own safety. Women have been the primary protectors for thousands of years. Cast off the idea that you cannot learn how to use a personal safety device effectively. Give yourself permission to follow your gut, it could save your life. Teach your children to trust their intuition, even if it hurts others’ feelings.

     You are a strong and powerful woman.

Written by Anna Taylor



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