What to Look For in Women's Concealed Carry Clothing

Posted on October 26 2021

What to Look For in Women's Concealed Carry Clothing

And how to avoid the unworthy stuff

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Being a woman in today’s world is hard enough without having to compromise on gun safety. While there aren’t many options for gun holsters for women on the market, finding the right ones can be even harder.

However, there are always factors you can look for in the concealed carry clothing you’re purchasing. From quality to versatility, everything needs to be evaluated. The last thing you want to compromise on is gun safety. So, here’s everything you need to know.


Concealed Carry Leggings


When buying gun holsters for women, the main factor to look for is comfort. Will you be comfortable wearing the holster under normal clothes? Does it affect your posture or hurt when you sit down? Can you wear it when you're working out?

There are several questions to address before you go ahead and purchase a gun holster for yourself. Dene Adams creates concealed carry clothing for every type of woman and every possible occasion.
So, whether you're working out or stepping out on the town, the holster is comfortable. Never compromise on the comfort of your gun holster - even for fashion!

Black Body Shaping Thigh Holster Concealed Carry Shorts


Quality products are always comfortable - that's a golden rule. Similarly, high-quality concealed carry clothing will automatically be more comfortable. Not to mention, the clothing will last longer and be safer.

For the most part, you want a high-quality concealed carry for women because it's trustworthy. You can rely on it to keep you safe.

LITE Concealed Carry Corset- Black


When it comes to guns, there's nothing more important than safety. Not only do you need to keep other's safety in mind, but your own as well. That is why safety is a big factor to consider when looking for concealed carry clothing.

If you're using a bag or a purse, then the trigger guard must be completely covered. The last thing you want is something in your purse firing the gun. When you're using a bra holster, you want the trigger guard to be covered and the gun to slide into the holster.

When you try on the holster, make sure you can easily pull out the gun. Also, make sure that it's not moving around aiming at whatever direction it chooses!

Tuxedo Active Bra Concealed Carry Holsters


Dene Adams bra holster can double as a bra and as a fitness top. Such articles of concealed carry clothing are versatile and as fashionable as it gets. If you want something that’ll blend in and still carry your weapon for you, then look for versatility in clothing.

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When looking for concealed carry clothing, there are four main factors to consider. However, if you meet the criteria given above, then you're set for a long time. With the products at Dene Adams, you can be a proud gun owner without giving up fashion or comfort.



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