Concealed Carry For Nurses and Caregivers

Posted on August 29 2019

Concealed Carry Holster For Nurses & Caregivers

Choosing A Concealed Carry Holster For Nurses and Caregivers

Anna Taylor

As a caregiver accidents are unacceptable and negligence is unforgivable. If you carry, your holster selection is vital.

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               Some occupations such as those in medical fields, childcare or education have added challenges when it comes to concealed carry. These occupations involve a lot of physical contact with others as well as specific wardrobe requirements. While your concealed carry holster should always be considered carefully, these occupations put others in your care which is a responsibility beyond yourself.

When wearing scrubs or dressy clothes, a classic IWB(Inside The Waistband) or belt clip holster simply won’t do. A purse is also not a great option as it is either accessible to others or in a locker which makes it inaccessible to YOU. You need all the security of a classic IWB but with the freedom of movement that won’t slow you down.

 I understand the needs of these medical professionals, caregivers and educators from personal experience in the field.  Even though it's been years since giving bed baths and enemas to cardiac patients or assisting combative psychiatric residence in an understaffed nursing home, I totally get it!   


As a caregiver I had a responsibility to keep residence and patients safe in their environment. Accidents where not an option and negligence was unforgivable. It was a responsibility that went beyond myself, they were counting on me.

~Anna Taylor

Founder & CEO Dene Adams LLC

This post is not about how to respond in defense while in these occupations but is purely focused on the need for a holster that is as serious about safety as you are.  Many educational, childcare and medical buildings are posted “gun-free” zones. Please know your local and state laws before carrying to work.

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At Dene Adams we are as serious about safety as you are.



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