Sometimes All You Need Are PURSE PANTS! I Know I do...

Posted on October 25 2019

Sometimes All You Need Are PURSE PANTS!

Anna Taylor

Beyond the gun is a world of hands-free FREEDOM! We could all use an extra hand and Dene Adams doesn't disappoint.


The NEW Dene Adams Phantom 2 Concealed Carry Leggings are awesome for your EDC! Everyone's, Every Day Carry is different. This week I chaperoned on my daughters field trip which took me through several Gun Free AKA "No good guys with guns allowed" zones! Additionally, the chances of needing my side arm was less likely than the chances that I'd need my wallet, travel first aid kit or protein bar. This week instead of my purse, I carried all my other essentials on body with my NEW Phantom 2 Leggings

EDC Pants

The Phantom 2 Leggings are not just for ditching the purse, they were designed to support your favorite concealed carry gun!  They are the only carry pant to offer five holstering positions; including two ambidextrous appendix spots, a 3 and 9-o’clock strong side position as well as an ambidextrous 6 o’clock holstering position. The Phantom 2 Leggings can holster a micro firearm up to a full-size competition pistol at 8.78” with plenty of room for additional magazines or accessories. In fact, Dene Adams’ Leggings have been successfully tested to accommodate up to 60.2 oz of carry weight, which is the equivalent of a U.S. military service Sig Sauer P320 XM17 loaded with 2 additional 21 round magazines.  



The Universal Holstering Pouch

The Phantom 2 Concealment Leggings come with a universal trigger guard and retention attachment for a micro- full sized firearm. This piece fastens into any of the 5 holstering positions in the waistline of your leggings.




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