Finding the Perfect Concealed Carry Holster For Personal Defense

Posted on May 16 2019

     Women's concealed carry is different than it is for men. Our body structures are completely different and your holster needs to work with your body for both safety and comfort. As women, we can use our incredible curves and various shapes to our advantage and we actually have many more places on our body where we are able to both conceal and access our gun.

     I’ve heard it said, “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be a comfort.” Let’s be honest, if it is uncomfortable and impractical then we will most likely give up the comfort and added security before we give up our individual style or need for physical comfort. As women, there are often times that we have more than our own safety and comfort to consider. For example, a breastfeeding mother holsters her gun in a way that might bump into the baby while nursing. Or worse, a mother might have to take off and set her holster down while feeding, in which case, the gun becomes accessible to older siblings or non-authorized persons in public.

     For most women, the abdomen is an ideal location to carry discreetly. The abdomen is naturally a location that we are aware and protective of. When properly placed, the gun can actually line up beautifully with a woman's natural figure. When the grip is over the top of your rib cage and the barrel runs vertically beside your belly button, an hourglass figure will be a great advantage when it comes to concealment.

     A woman’s tummy is usually soft unlike a man’s which, tends to be hard and rounded. When the gun is pressed snug to your soft tummy, your pistol’s silhouette will be greatly reduced from being seen through your cover garment. When it comes to concealing this heavy and bulky piece of metal or polymer, we cannot expect it to completely disappear. However, if you do have curves and a little fluff, you might find that in this placement, your gun nearly disappears and you may even forget it is there!

     Many women report that holsters that place your gun over your appendix makes sitting and bending extremely uncomfortable because the muzzle presses into your pubic bone while the grip jabs into the base of your ribs. Bruising and pinching are not uncommon.

3 Features Every Woman's Concealed Carry Holster Should Have:

1. RetentionHolster retention is one of three features every woman's concealed carry holster should have.

Retention is important because no matter your activity, you should be in complete control as to the location of your gun. If your gun is not properly retained it is more likely to fall out or to be grabbed by a non-authorized person or child. Moreover, you could be in greater danger if you have trained and built muscle memory based on your EDC (every day carry) location and find yourself reaching for your gun (in an emergency) and it has shifted out of place. Retention should not offer unnecessary obstacles either. Added straps, snaps or bands can be cumbersome and slow you down when seconds count. A fast breakaway tab is all that should stand between you and the threat to your life.

2. Trigger Protection

Trigger GuardTrigger protection is important for keeping unintended objects out of the trigger well and off the trigger. The one and ONLY time something should come in contact with the trigger is when your sights are on target and YOU have made the intentional decision to press the trigger. Loose debris that can make it into your pocket, purse or holster can and will cause a negligent discharge. Little fingers, kitchen utensils or any other small objects should never be able to get jammed or wiggled in between your gun and your holster.

3. Comfort

Safety always comes first but comfort is a close second because if it is not comfortable, you won’t wear it. Comfort is more than a luxury. If our movement is restricted in any way, this will affect our work performance or how efficient we are with our daily tasks. Our lives are filled with all sorts of sitting, bending, carrying, reaching, etc. and if your holster slows you down or restricts your movement in any way, your added piece of protection will likely be the first thing to go. Have you ever tried to reach for something but you are afraid that reaching your arms up might make your gun visible to others? You either try to reach while keeping your elbows close to your body or you skip the item all together. When traveling in a vehicle or sitting at work for long lengths of time, even a trip to the bathroom might result in you taking your gun off and setting it down. A very bad and potentially dangerous idea for many reasons.

 "Your holster should NOT be one of these compromises."

We have so many options as consumers and we can cut corners and be creative with many of the things we purchase. Your holster should NOT be one of these compromises. It’s like buying that new phone that costs a ton of money but not investing in a proper case that will protect your investment. You drop your phone and the screen shatters; but, this could have been prevented by investing in a good case. By choosing a proper holster, you could save yourself from great legal and physical injury to yourself and others. High quality and reliable, well-designed holster is an investment in your safety.

Written by Anna Taylor



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