Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Guns

Posted on April 17 2021

Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Guns dene adams

Whether it’s an unexplainable fear of heights, a fear of spiders, or something in between, phobias are quite common. According to recent estimates, approximately 10% of the US population has a phobia of some kind. A phobia is, by definition, “an overwhelming, irrational, and persistent fear that leads you to avoid something, whether it's an object, an animal, an act, or a social situation.” 

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Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Guns

If you are afraid of guns and it’s something you want to overcome, a good place to start is to figure out WHY guns cause you to feel the way you do. Here is a list of common firearm fears that can help you pinpoint the source of your anxiety:

  • RECOIL - Regardless of caliber, all guns produce a certain amount of felt recoil when fired. Practice will help you get used to this aspect of shooting. If this is something that truly frightens you, Dene Adams recommends starting with something on the smaller side. A .22 caliber is perfect for new shooters because the recoil is so minimal. This is the caliber that most children actually learn to shoot first. Once you get used to that, moving to a larger caliber (like a .380 or 9mm) will be easier.  

  • LOUDNESS - Guns (for the most part) are loud. While this is true, most of the noise that comes from shooting can (and should) be mitigated by wearing an ear protection device.  Ear protection is a basic element of shooting safely and Dene Adams recommends that you ALWAYS use ear (and eye) protection while shooting.  Whether you choose an earmuff style or an earplug style, you will probably be surprised at what a difference this makes.  As with recoil, this is an aspect of shooting that you will get more and more used to the more you shoot.

  • ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE - People who are familiar with firearms will be the first to tell you there is no such thing as an “accidental discharge.”  The correct phrase (when a firearm is discharged unintentionally) is “negligent discharge.” The reason for this is simple - guns don’t make mistakes, people do. This is why learning and practicing gun safety is so incredibly important.  If you commit to learning and practicing basic safety principals (including proper storage and holstering), the chances of your gun firing when you don’t intend it to are greatly decreased.  

  • DROP DISCHARGE - Accidents (like dropping a firearm) are possible, even when we are diligent about putting safety principals into practice.   A common fear is that a dropped firearm will discharge the moment it hits the ground. While this is possible, it is also very rare. Most modern handguns have multiple safety mechanisms (like safeties or firing pin modifications) to help prevent this. For a variety of reasons, it is always a good idea to read through your Owner’s Manual and to get familiar with your firearm and the different features it has. It is also a good idea to check your manufacturer’s website (or even call) from time to time to make sure there are no active recalls on your particular firearm.    

Take A Gun Course

If you want to get over your fear of firearms, one of the best ways to do so is to learn about them from a competent instructor. Many places offer gun courses for beginners. In these classes, you can learn how to handle, clean, store, and shoot your firearm properly. A good instructor can offer valuable insight into safety and how to choose a firearm that is right for you. Many instructors will even offer guidance and hands-on tips as they observe your shooting on the practice range. Classes are a good place to learn about different calibers and different types of handguns as well.  We believe, because it has been our experience as well, the more you learn about firearms, the more confident you will become.

Relax and Have Fun!

Whether they realize it or not, many people tense up when they get around guns. This won’t help them shoot well or have a good time. Our advice is to take a deep breath and resolve to enjoy yourself.  Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions when you are unsure about something. In fact, let any experienced shooters you are with know you are a beginner and ask them to offer advice or tips. This can relieve a lot of pressure you might be feeling and chances are good they will have something to teach you.


It is natural to feel some fear about the unknown. Most new shooters will actually feel some adrenaline pumping through their body the first few times they handle a firearm. This fear, however, will begin to slip away with familiarity, knowledge, and practice. Spend as much time practicing as possible and spend as much time learning from others as you can.  

It's Okay to Be Afraid

Fears are never anything to be ashamed of. It's human nature and we all have them. Many people are afraid of things until they start doing them and become comfortable doing them, such as skydiving or climbing high mountains. Fear is an instinct of all animals, including humans, and it can help keep us alive when our lives are threatened. Some fears, however, are worth facing and working through. We believe that overcoming a fear of guns is one of those things that are worthwhile. At the same time, we don’t ever want to lose the respect we have for guns and what they are capable of.


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