Training with Boys

Posted on August 11 2017

How many of you hold back on getting additional firearms training because you are intimidated to train with the boys? It seems easier and far less intimidating to take an all-female class. So many women pass up amazing training opportunities because of this. Instead of looking at the predominantly male classes as intimidating we should be looking at it as an opportunity to become more skilled and empowered. There are incredible training opportunities in these classes and we should not miss out on them.

I love that the industry is inundated with strong, masculine, testosterone men who are confident, skilled and experienced. I love the classes I have taken that have been dominantly male. The skills, attitude and mental toughness I gain from a dominantly male class have been far greater than any training I have taken from a female only class.

I am not saying that you won’t occasionally run into an insecure asshole trainer. They are out there. You cannot take it personal when you do run into them. You have to shrug it off, continue to move forward and stay focused on what your intent was. Remember that there are a lot more men in this industry that possess crucial defense skills and have real life experience using those skills. Instructors with law enforcement and military backgrounds are dominating the training field and guess what, they want to help you! So, do not wait for that all-female class.

Some of the best classes I have taken are run by Type A men out in the middle of Nowhereville. They have always been more willing to stop class or extend breaks so I can run back to the house or a building to use the bathroom. On several occasions, my classes have been held in the freezing rain. The men in these classes offer me gloves, warming pocket packets and have even loaded magazines for me when my hands were bleeding. Do you know why do they do this?  It is not because they are sexist, it is because they are gentlemen. And as a lady I accept their help. It does not make me weak. Accepting help is about working together and that is one of the important lessons taught in training. Working as a team is to recognize and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses and then to have each other’s back in those areas.

The extended breaks and special bathroom breaks are nice, but do not expect it or demand it in every class. It is important to know that training classes are on a tight schedule and just like you, everyone there has paid a lot of money to learn. If the class slows down for just one person, an entire skill or lesson could be eliminated because time runs out. So, I have some survival skills to share with you so you not only get the most out of your training, but you gain respect by not taking away from others’ training.

When ya gotta pee, grab a tree!

This might mean you have to hike a bit further for privacy, so you will need to hustle. Grab a tree or a spot that does not have poison ivy and pop a squat; drip dry or grab a leaf. Remember if you cannot see them they cannot see you.

That time of month?

If you are on your period or going to start, prepare ahead of time. This is when my Dene Adams® concealed carry corset has come in handy. Pack the following items into your corset:

  1. 3-5 small Ziploc® baggies
  2. 1 dry tea bag (Put this in one of the Ziploc® bags that will store your used products. This helps with control the odor.)
  3. Extra feminine products (Tampons are easiest, but if you wear pads get the heavy flow kind with the thinnest profile.)
  4. Wet wipes
  5. Small hand sanitizer

These items can all be packed discreetly into your corset. Plan to not take your purse or range bag. It is just not a good idea and draws extra attention.

Leave No Trace

This is where your Ziploc® bags come in handy. Remember that one of those is for all your trash and used products. What you bring in, you must carry out. Seal up any trash or products and stash it back in your corset until you can get to a trash can. Then sanitize those hands!

Stay Comfortable

Keep some Ibuprofen with you. Stay hydrated and keep your sugar and salt intake to a minimum. These will all help you be more comfortable throughout the training.

Lose Your Ego

You might feel the need to overcompensate and prove yourself through performance, but do not. It is all in your head and it is your ego speaking. Your ego will cause added pressure and anxiety which will diminish your performance. Breath, stay calm, and focus on learning the skills being taught.

Respect is not demanded, it is earned. Ladies, even though the firearms industry is predominantly male it is an industry that has a world of respect for women that are taking their personal safety serious. We need to be team players, respecting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. A woman that is well armed, well trained, and a team player is indeed an empowered feminine woman.



Anna Taylor

P.S. If you know of great training opportunities available in your area, please comment below with your city and the website of the company!



Taken from Anna's video on August 7, 2017 "Training with Boys”. 
Revised blog by Andrea Shelton



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