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What To Bring To Your Concealed Carry Course

Posted on August 03 2020

what to bring to concealed carry course dene adams

You're over-the-moon excited about your upcoming concealed carry course. Finally, you can legally carry a gun without others knowing for personal protection. And in today's world where a random shooting seems to be everyday news, you never know when you'll need to defend yourself and your family. But what do you need to bring to your concealed carry class?

Dene Adams offers women's concealed carry clothing, including concealed carry leggings, shorts, and bras. We also offer classy concealed carry holsters for women designed to fit the contours of women's bodies. Our mission is to help you find the most comfortable way to conceal carry. Below, we'll go over the items you will need to bring to your concealed carry class. Shop our gun holsters for women today!


Eye and Ear Protection

Firearms are loud and overexposure can affect your hearing. By investing in good ear protection, such as electronic ear muffs or custom-fitted earplugs, you'll be comfortable shooting and not have to constantly adjust them. For your eyes, protection is essential in case small projectiles or fragments are thrown your way. Most concealed carry trainers recommend ballistic-rated eyewear, instead of just regular sunglasses for eye protection.

Your Firearm

The point of a concealed carry class is to get better and more comfortable at firing a firearm, but more specifically, your firearm. Most CCW courses allow you to bring your own firearm to practice with as well as your own ammunition. Bring your extra clips as well.

Comfortable Clothing

There is a life firing component of almost all CCW courses, so you'll want to be comfortable while on the firing range. Most firing ranges are outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather as well. Bring sunblock and a hat if it's hot out or a jacket to keep you warm. Skip the flip-flops for the day and wear comfortable shoes. Most likely, the range is on dirt with rocks and may be a hike away, so protect your feet. Plus, you may be standing for a bit, so you'll want a good pair of shoes to support you.

Gun Holster

When you are practicing firing on the range, you'll want your gun holster with you. This is a great opportunity to experiment with different carrying positions as well and to get tips for your instructor and other participants as well. Your instructor may have some for you to try out as well.

Bring Food & Water

Your CCW course will probably be all day and maybe even two days long. You may be at the shooting range as well, which could be a drive away. Ensure you have everything you need to stay hydrated and well fueled. Often, there will be snacks provided, but it's good to be prepared otherwise, especially if you have special dietary needs. 


After you have finished your concealed carry course, you'll need to decide how you want to everyday carry and what you want to wear. Dene Adams offers a wide variety to give you the options you desire, from concealed carry corsets to concealed carry holsters for women and men. Founded with a passion to help you be more comfortable while carrying concealed, our concealed carry clothing is designed to be tight to the body and to keep your firearm from jostling while you move. We understand that you live an active lifestyle, so we've tailored oru concealed carry gear as such.

Dene Adams offers the best concealed carry for women, as well as men. Shop our selection online today!



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