Holsters Versus Purse Carry

Posted on April 17 2021

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Many women choose to conceal carry for a variety of reasons, from personal protection to simply exercising their Second Amendment rights. However, there are many different methods of concealed carry available, including carrying in your purse versus on your person using a concealed carry holster.

Dene Adams offers concealed carry holsters for women. Our company offers many different types of CCW holsters, from bra and thigh to concealed carry leggings and corsets. We also offer IWB holsters and trigger guards. Below, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of carrying in your purse versus carrying on your person. Visit our website and order your favorite concealed carry clothing today!

Holsters Versus Purse Carry


An important argument against purse carry is difficulty of access. If you are ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself or others, you will likely need access to your gun quickly. Drawing from a purse is cumbersome and generally takes much longer than drawing from a holster. This is something to consider as a few seconds can often mean the difference between life or death in a self-defense situation.

In addition to being faster than drawing from a purse, drawing from a holster is also easier.  

Remember, you will be stressed in a self-defense situation and maybe even fumbling. You'll need a way to get your gun quickly and surely, and a CCW holster, such as those offered by Dene Adams, will always offer better access than a purse.

A Purse Can Be Taken Easily

Purses are a popular target for thieves. Purses can easily be picked up off a counter or a table and are often even snatched right off the shoulder of the person who is carrying them. Either way, if a thief steals your purse, you've now lost your wallet and a deadly weapon. When it comes to your gun, you need to be in control at all times. When you carry on-person, you can also access your gun without potentially having to wrestle it away from someone first.

Someone Going Through Your Purse

When you put your purse down, for example at home or in the car, there is always a chance that someone else could go through it.  This is especially true with children, whether it is your own children or the children of someone you are visiting. Children, even if they have had firearm instruction, are unpredictable. And those who are inexperienced with guns, even adults, have a greater chance of negligently discharging your firearm if it comes into their possession. Carrying your gun in a holster is simply the surest way to maintain control of your firearm in all situations and environments.  

Using a Holster

Having a safe and accessible way to carry a firearm has been a necessity since the invention of the very first pistol. Most of us are familiar with the Wild West holsters that sat on each hip. Holsters also serve to protect the gun, and they protect the trigger so they can't be unintentionally discharged. 

Holsters are designed to be worn. Some are designed to fit inside your waistband (IWB) or outside your waistband (OWB), behind the small of your back (SOB), by your ankle, on your chest, or on your upper thigh. In essence, holsters are worn where they are comfortable, and in the case of concealed weapons, where they can be hidden as well. In addition, there are shoulder holsters, sling holsters, and pocket holsters. However, their purpose is the same: to safely carry your gun in a location where you can easily access it. Many have belt clips as well, so they can attach securely to your belt.

We believe it is safe to say, considering even just these few examples, that a gun is more secure and more easily accessible when it is worn in a holster than when it is carried in a purse. For this reason, gun owners can also experience more peace of mind when they choose to use a quality holster as their method of carry.


Dene Adams offers concealed carry holsters for women for all types of carry, from thigh holster shorts and corsets to bra holsters and IWB holsters. Our wide selection is meant to accommodate anywhere you would like to carry your CCW. We offer our holsters for women in a wide range of different gun styles and color options and all are designed to fit your shape better. We've specifically designed our gun holsters for women to be worn with any outfit.  They also feature a slim design and a click holster to securely hold your gun. You can choose from a Velcro strip or a belt clip option. 

All of our gun holsters are designed to be worn alone, or with our concealed carry clothing for women. You can also choose a holster designed for your specific make and model of gun. In addition, we offer a Phantom 4.7 gun holster for men that features a beltless option for times you aren't wearing a belt. Our supportive, contoured strap fits underneath the belly. Our Phantom 360 fits men with a flat belly. Both CCW holsters can stretch for optimal comfort.

Dene Adams believes that carrying a gun on person should be comfortable. After all, if it's uncomfortable, you won't wear it, which doesn't help you if you should need your firearm to defend yourself. Visit our site, browse our selection, and order today!



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