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Reasons to Conceal Carry

Posted on June 03 2020

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While we may not live in the days of the Wild West where virtually everyone carried a gun and/or owned a gun and the accountability of people involved in shootings was nominal, we do live in a world full of danger where having a gun on your person could mean the difference between life or death.

Dene Adams makes the best concealed carry holsters for women and men. We offer a wide variety of holsters to suit your preferred carry method, from inside the waistband to our top-rated corset holsters. Our mission is to help you conceal carry comfortably and in style without having to engage in multiple wardrobe changes. Below, we'll go over some of the reasons to carry your gun concealed. Shop our CCW holsters today!


Personal Safety

We live in an unpredictable world where riots can happen on a dime, random shooters can appear anywhere, and people who have less will try to take from someone who has more. There is no predictable pattern to shootings, which means you always have to be prepared. By having a gun on your person, you stand a better chance of surviving a personal attack, or of shooting back if you are shot at.

The Safety of Your Family

There is no parent alive who would not do anything to protect their child should a threat arise. A threat from a random shooter can happen at any time, even at family gatherings, amusement parks, or movie theaters. You need to be prepared to protect your family at all times. A burglar could break in at night, or your car could be attacked while you are sitting in it. Being prepared can mean the difference between life or death, and carrying a concealed weapon is the prudent thing to do.

You Cannot Count on the Police

The average police response time is 10 minutes. While this varies depending on your location, crimes take significantly less time than that. After all, criminals do not want to be caught. Their mission is to get in, commit the crime, and get out as soon as possible. And if they discover you are in their way, you can suffer severe injury. With recent events, police response time may take even longer. Thus, you cannot rely on anyone else but yourself.

It's Your Civic Duty

We were granted the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. Criminals don't care about the law. They will carry guns no matter what. It's the law-abiding citizens whose rights are threatened with every new law passed restricting gun ownership of some kind. By owning a gun and by carrying one, you are doing your part to uphold the law. 

Plus, there are thousands of stories of concealed carry holders thwarting crimes and saving lives in the process. As we've seen, the police cannot be everywhere. If more people carried guns, there would be a lot less crime because criminals would know there may be someone at the bank or open air park when they start shooting to shoot back.


Dene Adams makes the best concealed carry for women wear, from bras and corsets to leggings and shorts. We've put our heart and souls into formulating the most comfortable fit for women. We've designed all of our concealed carry holsters to fit your firearm as well as the curves of your body. Our trigger guards and IWB holsters for women fit not only any pants, but will also fit our corsets, tanks, and leggings. 

Dene Adams understands completely the reasons for concealed carry, so we've made it our mission to make it easy. Our women's concealed carry clothing is designed to be a snug fit, so your firearm is concealed as much as possible and so it won't jostle around while you move, from chasing kids to going for a walk in the neighborhood. Made for active women, our holsters for women are so comfortable, you won't even know they are there. Our men's holsters, the Phantom holster collection, are made for the active man to make it easy to conceal your firearm as well. What are you waiting for? Try our corset holster, or other CCW clothing today!



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