Know Your Reciprocity Rights

Posted on March 27 2021

Most gun owners are responsible. They learn about guns. They practice shooting their guns. They are safe with guns, and they use guns in a responsible way, such as for hunting, recreational, or for personal protection. It's those who commit crimes that make it hard for law-abiding citizens since most gun laws are passed with criminals in mind.

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The concept of reciprocity essentially refers to an agreement between entities to exchange privileges, goods or services for mutual benefit.  When it comes to concealed carry, residents of each state enjoy certain privileges, but they are also bound by the laws and regulations of their state. Examples of this include the successful completion of a course, passing a test or passing a background check.

The unique laws of each state apply to the residents of that state, but also to those who are visiting, or even just driving through.  In other words, if you are traveling to another state, you are bound by their laws.  If this seems like a lot, it is, after all there are 50 states in the union and two territories. Since this reality can make travel difficult, many states have established reciprocity agreements that allow concealed carry permit holders from other states to legally carry concealed while visiting. This concept is at the heart of what reciprocity is all about.


If you are traveling and intend to carry concealed, you'll need to make sure the state you are visiting will accept your state's CCW license.  In some cases, the CCW permits of other states are recognized, but additional restrictions are imposed.  For example, some states will grant a concealed carry license to an eighteen-year-old, but other states require a person to be 21 to carry concealed.  It is your responsibility to know what the gun reciprocity agreements are and what the laws are in each state you plan to spend time in. If you are in violation, you could be charged with a gun crime, something you most definitely do not want on your record.

Federal law allows most people to legally transport firearms over state lines, but adherence to certain conditions may apply in some states. Examples of these requirements include:

  • The ability to lawfully possess firearms in your state of origin.
  • The ability to lawfully possess firearms at your destination.
  • The firearm and ammunition are stored out of reach (in the trunk or rear of your vehicle).
  • Some states also require ammunition and guns to be stored in separate lock boxes. 

If you are preparing to travel and are unsure about the laws where you will be visiting, it is important to take the time to learn what they are. There are a number of online resources (like or that can help get you moving in the right direction.  


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