4 Benefits of Concealed Carry Clothing

Posted on November 15 2021

Concealed carry clothing comes in many styles and offers many great benefits over the traditional hip and arm holsters. Most concealed carry holders know the way you conceal your gun needs to be practical and comfortable. Dene Adams offers practicality in their numerous types of gun holsters for women. Read on to see how our selection can help you.
Concealed carry corset on a woman.
Dene Adams offers the ultimate in comfort for women’s concealed carry holsters. We have active-style bras, corsets, and tank holsters, along with shorts and leggings. All of the materials in our clothing leave the wearer comfortable because the designs cater to a woman’s body. Our products have a snug fit that allows a better fit for your gun. There is little danger of slippage when wearing our garments.
Concealed carry shorts on a woman.
The bra-style holsters and leggings support a wide range of active lifestyles. Whether you bike, hike, run or do yoga, you can rest assured that your gun will stay in place. The fit allows for a greater range of motion when participating in activities that require extra support. The leggings offer five different holstering positions that make it easy to store your gun where you have the best chance of grabbing it on the go.
Concealed carry tank on a woman who is grabbing her gun.
Ease of Release
At Dene Adams, we offer styles that allow for the easy release of your weapon from whatever holster you choose. The platinum bra style offers a left-hand release, while the five locations on the leggings allow for ambidexterity for your benefit. Once again, the snugness of the fit allows for quicker release as the garments lie close to the body and will not bunch up while trying for a smooth release.
 Woman wearing concealed carry shorts under a skirt.
Better Concealment
The designers for Dene Adams know that concealment is the priority in any concealed carry holster decision. That is why we go out of our way to ensure the proper concealment of your gun. Regardless of what style you choose, gun holsters for women need to provide the utmost concealment. The padding and location of the holster play the most important part. Our designs place the padding in areas that flex along a woman’s curves.
A concealed carry holster needs to do many things, and the benefits provided by Dene Adams holsters outweigh the competition. Why buy concealed carry holsters designed for men when you can get the best for women right here? Visit us today to see what we have to offer you. Our commitment to style and comfort for women speaks for itself.


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