#DoingSomething For The 2nd Amendment

Posted on April 28 2022

Women have been fighting for their rights since the beginning of time. And while there are many causes that we as women stand up for, gun rights may just be one of the most important. 

Learn more about what we're doing at Dene Adams to #DoSomething for the Second Amendment and what we're doing to work with and support the DC Project. 

What Is the DC Project? 

The DC Project is a women for gun rights organization that is committed to educating and empowering women on the issue of gun rights. The organization was founded by Dianna Muller, a retired 22-year Tulsa Police Department veteran and two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter. 

The goal of the DC Project is to form a collective of women with one unified goal in mind: to preserve the Second Amendment. At Dene Adam, we are proud to work with and support this organization, showing the power of women for gun rights.


Why Women for Gun Rights?

Women for gun rights is the logical next step in the fight for equality. Gun rights are women's rights, and we must stand together to protect our right to bear arms. The Second Amendment is under attack, and Dene Adams was founded with a mission to preserve those rights. 

What Can You Do?

There are many ways you can get involved with both DC Project and Dene Adams. You can start by educating yourself on the issue of gun rights and women's empowerment. You can also donate to or volunteer with the DC Project to spread support for the Second Amendment. 

We also encourage you to wear teal for 2a to show your support of the Second Amendment. It's a beautiful color, and it shows your dedication to this cause. together, we can make a difference.

Choose Dene Adams

Dene Adams offers a variety of concealed carry holsters, including women's compression concealed carry holsters. #DoSomething for the second We have holsters designed specifically for women and made with compression material to help keep it in place. #DoSomething for the Second Amendment when you work with Dene Adams, donate, or work with the DC Project!



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