Thanksgiving Deals on Thigh Holsters & Concealed Carry Shorts

Posted on August 27 2021

Free Gift with $130 Purchase + Free Shipping November 15th — 30th!

If you live in a part of the USA that enjoys winter weather, you are in luck — as it brings a variety of additional advantages for concealed firearms carry. Cold weather gear, jackets and layered garments all provide additional cover for firearms. Staying very low-profile is a must when concealed carrying a firearm. From November 15th to the 30th, Dene Adams is happy to offer a special gift with a purchase of $130 or more. 

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Read on for a few tips for concealed carry during the Holidays!

group of women at Thanksgiving party.

Concealed At Family Thanksgiving Gatherings

When you are with your immediate family this Thanksgiving, you probably have no qualms about letting them know when you are carrying concealed. However, when extended family, friends of friends, and other people are involved, in that case it may simply be easier to keep quiet about the concealed weapon. As long as they don’t see it, it’s not a topic of conversation.

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Follow Policies & Laws

If you are going to your employer's Thanksgiving party, be sure to check whether or not it is against company policy first. If the party is off-premise and you want to carry, consider a micro-compact or subcompact handgun to minimize exposure to showing or printing.

Thanksgiving dinner cheers with wine.

Don’t Drink If You’re Carrying Concealed

It’s rarely if ever a good idea to drink and carry. When your judgment is impaired, having a gun in the mix is morally and legally not in your best interest.

image of people Holiday shopping in the city in an outdoor market.

Carrying Concealed During Holiday Shopping

Unfortunately, many malls have a very strict no weapons policy. Even if legal, packing a smaller pistol to minimize exposure can help you avoid unnecessary hassle from private security or other shoppers. The basic rule of concealed carry: what they can’t see, they can’t create a fuss about. 


Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Be safe this Thanksgiving. The stress of the season can create more risks for bad things happening, so it’s good to be extra-prepared. 

Take full advantage of Dene Adams’s Thanksgiving sale where you get a free gift with a purchase of $130 or more, as well as free shipping! Shop trigger guards, corset holsters, bra holsters, thigh holster shorts, and more while the sale lasts!

Note — This deal is only valid from the 15th to the 30th of November 2021, so start shopping for gun holsters and enjoy your discount!

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